Welcome to my website.

I’m a doctoral researcher based at the Oxford Internet Institute, exploring the ethics, politics, and social implications of digital technology. My doctoral research centres on the growing governance role played by operators of major online platforms such as app stores, and what this means for democracy and online participation. My broader ongoing research interests include the ethics and governance of AI, the deployment of AI in the contexts of health and sustainable developmentonline political communication, and the applicability of political-theoretical concepts like sovereignty and legitimacy in the digital age. My past research has included work on big datadigital state surveillance, and the use of web archives in research. Papers on which I am first or joint-first author have appeared in journals such as New Media & Society, Nature Machine Intelligence, AI & Society, Telecommunications Policy, and Internet Policy Review.

My other recent engagements have included serving as a Research Associate in the Alan Turing Institute’s public policy programme, as Convenor of the Turing’s Ethics Advisory Group, and as a member of the Ethics Committee of Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage.

I am also a frequent commentator on technology and politics for mainstream audiences, contributing to channels such as the BBC World Service and Times Radio. I present a regular round-up of tech news on Monocle 24’s morning show The Globalist, and co-host the award-winning podcast Skeptechs, which focuses on politics and technology stories from around the world. Less often than I’d like, I also write about foodsport, and films.

This website is a semi-regularly updated repository of my academic research, writing, presentations, and media appearances. See right for recent updates, and below for my latest blog posts, as well as for depictions of my amateur interest in growing, cooking and fermenting food. Bigger news—publications, appointments, etc—can be found under Headlines. You can also find me in other forms and formats on MastodonMediumLinkedIn and Google Scholar.