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I'm a researcher based at the Alan Turing Institute exploring the ethical and political impact of data on society. My past research has included work on digital politics, big and open data, state surveillance and the use of web archives in research.

Generation Boom

One of my most formative experiences was an upper school trip to the battlefields of France and Belgium. Amidst all the stories of carnage and destruction, and the unfathomable numbers of casualties involved, what struck me above all else was the sheer proximity of the respective front lines. In some places a mere hundred yards might separate the two groups of… Continue reading Generation Boom

2016: year of the tactical takedown?

Cross-posted from MIT's Center for Civic Media blog. The present presidential election is a spectacle, in the truest sense of the word, like few before. Just as FDR's weekly radio addresses and JFK's success in the first televised presidential debate watermark the adoption and cooption of a particular communication medium for political ends, so the… Continue reading 2016: year of the tactical takedown?

WTF offers a unique perspective on life on the front line

★★★★✩ Originally published in The Tech. Reviews often destroy movies, and only rarely, as in the case of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, do they create them. In 2011, a New York Times review of Kim Barker’s wartime memoir The Taliban Shuffle described Barker as “a sort of Tina Fey character, who unexpectedly finds herself addicted to… Continue reading WTF offers a unique perspective on life on the front line

Michael Moore’s war of hearts and minds

Originally published in The Tech. ★★★✩✩ The title of Michael Moore’s latest documentary, Where to Invade Next, seems to reflect ambivalence on the part of its creator. It is after all no coincidence that Moore’s trio of breakout box office hits — Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, and Sicko — appeared during the administration of… Continue reading Michael Moore’s war of hearts and minds

Consider the Lawn Sign: elections as civic engagement

Cross-posted from the Center for Civic Media blog. Last week I had the chance to watch one of the world’s great electoral-political spectacles - the New Hampshire primary - up close. It wasn’t by any means my first dalliance with American politics: I’ve had at least a loose involvement in the fascinating and frequently Freudian… Continue reading Consider the Lawn Sign: elections as civic engagement