Below is a list of academic publications, reports, and conference papers, and panel appearances. Further publication information can be found at Google Scholar.

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Peer-reviewed publications

Taddeo, M., Tsamados, A., Cowls, J., & Floridi, L. (2021). Artificial intelligence and the climate emergency: Opportunities, challenges, and recommendations. One Earth (Cell), 4(6), 776-779.

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Book chapters

Cowls, Josh (2019). Privacy Risks and Responses in the Digital Era. In Öhman C., Watson D. (eds.), The 2018 Yearbook of the Digital Ethics Lab. Springer.

Cowls, Josh and Schroeder, Ralph (2018). Tweeting All The Way To The White House. In Papacharissi, Zizi. and Boczkowski, Pablo (eds.), Trump and the Media. Cambridge: MIT Press.

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Meyer, Eric T., Yasseri, Taha, Hale, Scott A., Cowls, Josh, Schroeder, Ralph and Margetts, Helen (2017). Analysing the UK web domain and exploring 15 years of UK universities on the web. In Brügger, Niels and Schroeder, Ralph (eds.), The Web as History. London: UCL Press.


Conference papers and posters

Cowls, Josh (2019). The Silicon Cage: “Legitimate” governance 100 years after Weber. Presented at Data Power Conference, September 2019, Bremen, Germany.

Cowls, Josh and Arthur, Katie (2019). From #MAGA to @AOC: Reflections on Radical Media in the Trump Era. Media in Transition, May 2019, Cambridge, MA.

Cowls, Josh, Higgins, Evan and Fendt, Kurt (2017). Active Archives: New Modes of Interaction with Online Archives. Poster presentation at Digital Humanities 2017, Montreal, Canada.

Nanni, Federico and Cowls, Josh (2016). The Potential and Perils of Election Prediction using Social Media Sources. Connected Life, June 2016, Oxford Internet Institute, UK.

Cowls, Josh and Schroeder, Ralph (2015). Big Data and Power: What’s New(s)? Data Power Conference, June 2015, University of Sheffield, UK.

Schroeder, Ralph, Cowls, Josh and Meyer, Eric T. (2015). Mining Data about the Public as a Tool for Policy. Policy-Making in the Big Data Era conference, June 2015, University of Cambridge, UK.

Cowls, Josh, Schroeder, Ralph and Meyer, Eric T. (2015). Untangling the Archived Web for Humanities Research. ‘Web Archives as Scholarly Sources’, June 2015, Aarhus, Denmark.

Cowls, Josh (2015). Using Big Data for Valid Research: three challenges. Big Data in a Transdisciplinary Perspective, Volkswagen Foundation Herrenhausen Conference, March 2015, Hannover, Germany.

Cowls, Josh and Schroeder, Ralph (2015) The Ethics of Given-off versus Captured Data in Digital Social Research. Workshop on Ethics for Studying Sociotechnical Systems in a Big Data World, CSCW 2015, March 2015, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Cowls, Josh (2014) The Crowd in the Cloud? Three challenges for gauging public opinion online. IPP2014: Crowdsourcing for Politics and Policy, September 2014, Oxford, UK.

Cowls, Josh, Taylor, Linnet and Schroeder, Ralph (2014). Big Data for Social Change: An LMIC Perspective. Data Science for Social Good Workshop, KDD@Bloomberg’, August 2014, New York, NY, USA.

Schroeder, Ralph and Cowls, Josh (2014). Big Data, Ethics, and the Social Implications of Knowledge Production. Data Ethics Workshop, KDD@Bloomberg, August 24 2014, New York, NY, USA.

Hale, Scott .A., Yasseri, Taha., Cowls, Josh et al (2014). Mapping the UK webspace: Fifteen years of British universities on the web. WebSci’14, Bloomington, IN, USA.

Reports, reviews and commentaries

Cowls, Josh and Higgins, Evan (2018). Review: The Internet Revolution in the Sciences and Humanities. Internet Histories.

Rubinstein, Mor, Cowls, Josh and Cath, Corinne (2016). OpenData.Innovation: An international journey to discover innovative uses of open data. Nesta.

Cowls, Josh (2015). A Wilton Park conference report on privacy and surveillance.

Brown, Ian, and Cowls, Josh (2015). Check The Web: Assessing The Ethics And Politics Of Policing The Internet For Extremist Material. VOX-Pol Reports.


Invited talks and panels

Power & Control of New Technologies. Panel at Munich Politics Network 2019: ‘Clashes in Global Economic Governance’. Munich, Germany, September 2019.

AI for Social Good. Moderator of panel at The AI Summit 2019. London, UK, July 2019.

Human-Centricity: The New Frontier for Successful AI. BSA-IMDA Roundtable at Innovfest Unbound 2019. Singapore, June 2019.

Big Data, Big Problems? Oxford Isis Magazine Panel Event, Oxford, UK, February 2019.

The Price of Convenience. BBC Machine Learning Fireside Chats. London, UK, October 2018.

Society in the Loop: Democracy. Panel at doteveryone Society in the Loop event, London, UK, September 2018.

AI Ethics. Panel at V&A Museum Digital Design Weekend. London, UK, September 2018.

The Ethics and Politics Of Policing The Internet For Violent Extremist Content. Invited presentation as part of the VOX-Pol lunch briefing series, King’s College, London, UK, November 2015.

Displaying and Visualising the Results of Big Domain Data Research. Invited presentation to ‘Digital Tools and Methods for using the UK web archive’, British Library, UK, May 2015.

Big UK Domain Data for the Arts and Humanities. (With Helen Hockx-Yu and Jane Winters) Invited presentation to the International Internet Preservation Consortium General Assembly, Stanford University, CA, USA, April 2015.

The Big Data Revolution for Human and Social Sciences. Invited presentation to ‘Big Data, Sciences Humaines, Sciences Sociales’, Universite Stendhal, France, December 2014.

Who does the web think you are? (With Ralph Schroeder). Public talk at ‘Being Human: a festival of the humanities’, London, November 2014.

Social media: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Public talk at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, Oxfordshire Branch, Oxford, UK, September 2014.

Mapping the UK Webspace: the topology of a national web domain. Presentation to ‘Web Archiving and Archived Web — a new Research Method, a new Object of Study?’, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark, June 2014.

Accessing and Using Big Data to Advance Social Science Knowledge. (With Eric Meyer and Ralph Schroeder). Oxford Internet Institute Brown Bag Series, Oxford, June 2014.

Big Data and Political Science. Panel discussant at the American Political Science Association 2014, Washington, D.C., USA, August 2014.

Drinking from the firehose? The pitfalls and potential of Big Data. Presentation at t2i Lab, Chalmers Institute of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, March 2014.