What she never thought she’d see

Published on the barackobama.com blog

Successful presidential campaigns are built from the ground up—perhaps more literally than you might think. While it may have seemed like a small contribution at first when Dr. Marie Metoyer brought folding chairs to our Manchester office, these chairs are helping us hold ever-larger phone banks here in the Queen City. And Marie’s contribution to the campaign doesn’t stop there.

Originally from Jersey City, Marie has dedicated her working life to medicine, following in the footsteps of both her parents as a general practitioner before transitioning to psychiatry later in life. Now retired in Manchester, Marie is keenly aware of the issues that ordinary Americans face. She first supported President Obama after he announced his candidacy in 2007, and echoes the thoughts of many in the African-American community when she says, “I never thought that in my lifetime I would see an African-American president.”

Over the last three years, Marie has liked what she never thought she’d see. That’s why she’s redoubled her efforts to support the campaign in 2012, working to ensure the re-election of a President who works on behalf of all Americans, every day.

Marie has been instrumental in reaching out to women, African Americans, and other groups who are underrepresented in the political process. She co-sponsored December’s Women for Obama event that brought women together to discuss the issues that are most important to them this election year and to talk about ways they could inspire others to take ownership of this campaign. And last month Marie wrote a letter in support of the President that was published in New Hampshire’s largest newspaper, the Union Leader.

What motivates Marie to give so much to this campaign? Above all, Marie is inspired by President Obama’s commitment to the country.

“I believe that President Obama is sincere in his efforts to improve the standard of living for all Americans,” she says.

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