Prolegomena to a White Paper on an Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society

Myself and Luciano Floridi have released a new paper on SSRN:

Prolegomena to a White Paper on an Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society.

The paper discusses the opportunities and challenges of AI for society and reports the results of a meta analysis, which found that five principles – beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy, justice, and explicability – undergird the emerging ethics of AI as expressed by leading multistakeholder organisations.

Laws of Unintended Consequence

There are many and varied reasons to be worried about Brexit: exiting the single market, inflaming tensions at the Irish border, and sacrificing hard-won international prestige for short-lived, punch-drunk national pride, to name a few. But one of the less discussed but just as potentially damaging consequences of leaving the EU concerns the impact on the cross-border sharing of personal data …

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Fight or flight?

It’s now been ten days since Donald Trump was elected president, and the words still don’t seem all that believable. Perhaps it will take seeing Trump raise that tiny right hand of his – the one he employed to mock a disabled reporter – and “grab” the Bible with his sinister left, before the words “President Trump” are made podgy, sunbed-ridden flesh in front of our eyes.

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