Golden Glory Still Eludes Great Britain… But the Best is Yet to Come

Danny Boyle and Seb Coe decided to end Friday’s incredible Opening Ceremony with a strong statement. The Olympic flame was brought to the stadium, on a speedboat, by a certain footballer nicknamed ‘Goldenballs’. Picking it up off the boat and into the stadium was Sir Steve Redgrave, a man who won an unprecedented five gold medals during an illustrious rowing career. Redgrave was then joined by six of his compatriots, all of them Olympic champions from Games past, who passed seven golden torches to seven protégés, to ignite the flame.

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Let’s Peel the ‘Plastic’ Label off Team GB’s Foreign-born Athletes

Published on The Huffington Post.


The media has been expending plenty of column inches and airtime lamenting various aspects of the upcoming Olympic Games. Make no mistake: the failure of G4S to provide the requisite security staff is a true debacle, and lampooning a pitiful British summer has always been fair game. But one of the less helpful stories to have emerged in recent weeks is the discussion of so-called ‘Plastic Brits’: members of the British Olympic team who were born overseas.

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2012 Olympics: Another East End Soap Opera?

Published on The Vibe.

For a number of mornings in the past week, the nation woke up feeling disappointment and then despair, as riots spread across the capital and other British cities. In precisely one year’s time, Britons will also wake up feeling rather flat, but for wholly different reasons. 13th August 2012 is the ‘morning after’ the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, to be held in London. Continue reading “2012 Olympics: Another East End Soap Opera?”